Certified Mail Service

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Certified and Registered are additional services that can be applied to first-class, priority mail or first-class package services.

Both provide proof of delivery or attempted delivery, through an electronic form. Receipt service, including recipient signature can be added at an additional fee.

Certified Mail is delivered at the same speed as its underlying mailclass. First-class and priority mail are typically delivered within two to three days, so certified mail in the same mail class would be delivered in the same time frame.

Choose Certified Mail for proof of delivery and time is of the essence for items that are time-sensitive communications with debtors or creditors, signatory business documents or returned check notifications.

Registered Mail provides a more secure mailing, which includes sealed containers, safes and cages under lock and key. Be aware that this extra level of security can cause delays and may require up to 14 days for delivery.

Choose Registered Mail when the contents of the mail require additional security and time is not a factor for valuable negotiable or nonnegotiable items, including stock certificates, bonds, cash, checks, money orders, jewelry or precious metals. Registered mail may also be appropriate for items that have no specific monetary value but have high importance, such as contracts, deeds and other legal documents.